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Beatport is an American electronic music-oriented online music store owned by LiveStyle. The company is based in Denver, Los Angeles, and Berlin. Beatport is oriented primarily towards DJs, selling full songs as well as resources that can be used for remixes.Established in 2004, the service was acquired in 2013 by Robert F. X. Sillerman's company SFX Entertainment for a reported price of slightly over $50 million. In 2014, as part of an effort to widen its audience, Beatport expanded into original content oriented towards fans of electronic dance music, covering EDM news and culture, and offering on-demand music streaming from its catalog and live streaming events.

David S wrote in a review "Beatport is a pure RIP-OFF and I am highly disappointed! For a WAV file, you pay about 2.20$ per song (which normally would be fine). I bought different songs for $62 and wanted to download them overnight to my ipad. Unfortunately the download failed for several songs. No problem, you should think... You can download the music again, right? Yes, but only if you do it within the first 24 hours after the first download! What a cheek! I can't even stream a complete track anymore. Fortunately, I know the musicians and I can ask them to send me the files. I will also advise them to stop supporting Beatport and switch to another platform. STAY AWAY! PS: This is the first time I'm writing a review, but this really sets me up!"


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Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Total mess. Insanity. Sinking ship."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"Working on heaps of old technologies that you prefer to avoid telling people you worked on rather than be proud to put on your resume. The overall experience was good to start but, then company in general has lost itself. It's been on a trend downwards for a while now. There are so many companies in Denver that have so much more opportunity I would recommend saving yourself the time and disappointment."


"horrible management no direction a bunch of bullies"

Current Employee - Curator says

"Shortsighted and incompetent management with HUGE EGOS."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is very self centered and didn't take simple advice to make improvements to the product. Product manger was more worried about how cool he looked to DJ's and labels instead of listening to staff on how solve simple problems and developing a good product. No vision. No goals No incentives"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"High turnover rate. It's a very small company with little room for advancement for non senior-level employees - most people I talked to hadn't received raises in years. Annual reviews literally just started this year. No incentives - no 401k match, no profit sharing, no bonuses. Health and dental benefits were significantly reduced recently. Ownership and leadership both have been a revolving door, resulting in conflicting direction and a distinct lack of consistency and stability. Current CEO, who is only in the office a few days a month, is cutting work/life flexibility, removing well-liked employees, and trying to force a startup mentality on a company that has been around for 15 years."


"For whatever reasons, the product managers kept putting out below industry standard products which would obviously flop while still taking up valuable resources. The mobile app, streaming site, and video streaming service barely worked and had almost no feature parity to industry standards. Why did they think it was smart to enter an already oversaturated market with a product that was clearly not even close to being able to compete? There was quite a bit of VP/C level turnover so clear direction and support was hard to come by."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Former CEO Salary was low Limited growth opportunities"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"After the SFX takeover everything went down the tubes."

Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"No 401K match, expensive family benefits, little opportunity for growth and development"

Merchandising Manager (Former Employee) says

"Beatport was the best company in the music industry for many years. Their values and management started to change in that time and every original employee left or was fired for horrible breakfastno values"

Ste Jones says

"The search engine is absolute garbage! Even when you type in the exact wording, it hardly ever comes up in the tracks section so you have to start delving into charts etc, which is time consuming. They want to watch the the they conduct themselves and their site because as soon as new company start up and do it better, they will die off! I’ll jump ship straight way...."

Saul Goodman says

"Total ripoff , No support and if there is any issue downloading you purchase.. NO HELP. you lost your money. I do not know how this site is still active ! its a total scam !"

Raja Ready says

"Awful, I am looking into a Class Action Lawsuit. I have canceled BEATPORT 3 times and I continue to charged."

Joshua Fry says

"A dire site for DJs and artist. Music is overpriced and artist are underpaid. My purchases get stuck on encoding so I pay for music and then can't even download it without contacting customer services. Don't bother absolutely dire."

Ruby Williamson says

"This site is a complete scam please avoid , website is a maze to navigate then you realise the subscription you have paid is to access the songs you haven't yet bought that when purchased on top off your subscription don't even actually play on your device, stay away from Beatport"

Ellis Drake says

"Absolutely awful website!! Would not recommend at all. Started my trial and the option to cancel isn’t there. Website itself is awful and hard to navigate. How the heck people pay £23 a month for this pile of junk is beyond me"

Tom Charley says

"Purchased Beatport Link Pro + solely for the use of the 100 track offline locker. I got the confirmation email saying my subscription was active and ready to use and yet the "store offline" feature is still greyed out . Tried resets / updates for an entire day and nothing has changed so clearly an issue on their end. Waste of time and money and no response from customer support."

Jamie says

"Stick well clear, you have to pay to listen to the whole tune your about to buy."

Martin Andersson says

"I have spent maybe thousand dollar on Beatport, sure its my own fault. But no more! Beware! The library of downloadable tracks that you have on Beatport, can change at any time. Out of the several hundreds of tracks that i bought and payed for. Only a few are left to re-download. That to me is a big scam. Cause they are not stricken from the inventory list and can be rebought again. The sound quality are not up to par or standards. Its funny cause i have had this discussion before many years ago. And now FINALLY people have begun to notice. Good show! Ive heard several rumors from friends that Beatport keep their "masters" in Mp3 to save space and money. And then blow up the file so it seem to be in a better format than it really are. Mp3 to Wav. Cause when you listen and compare there is no real difference. Somebody should dig into this deeper and find out the truth! /Cheers!"

James H says

"Well, for the most the tracks were ok, I have to take the word of the website the tracks are in full 320kbs mp3, which going off 3 of the tracks, no intro or outro, so not DJ friendly despite the website claiming they are, 1 track completely different to what was advertised, and one of the tracks even had another track being mixed into the outro before it was cut off so obviously ripped from an album... Emailed customer service and they were unhelpful only offering a refund for 1 track despite 3 being wrong, I even linked the correct tracks on YouTube for their comparison and before I could escalate my complaint they closed the case... My word would be avoid this company, they're obviously a professional pirating company and I very much doubt the artists see a penny of any revenue created, I won't be using again"

nobles says

"I bought the track One In a Million You instrumental, and I thought I could use it in my podcast. But that is not what Beatport is about as far as instrumental tracks. So what am I buying the track for? If I can't use the instrumental for background, I might as well buy the whole original song just for listening. The artists are the Hit Beat Makers. It would be nice if they let us use some music under Creative Commons license. Beatport is not bad but they are not what I was looking for. They have great music."

David Stucki says

"For a WAV file, you pay about 2.20$ per song (which normally would be fine). I bought different songs for $62 and wanted to download them overnight to my ipad. Unfortunately the download failed for several songs. No problem, you should think... You can download the music again, right? Yes, but only if you do it within the first 24 hours after the first download! What a cheek! I can't even stream a complete track anymore. Fortunately, I know the musicians and I can ask them to send me the files. I will also advise them to stop supporting Beatport and switch to another platform. Keep your hands off Beatport!!! PS: This is the first time I'm writing a review, but this really sets me up!!!!"

Herman says

"What I don't appreciate is that beatport sells tracks that do not meet the specified sound quality. This happened to me two times now. If you buy tracks at beatport I would recommend downloading a acoustic spectrum analyser (like the free "Spek" app) to test the actual sound quality. I also don't like the way they handle this problem. They refund the money, but they don't solve the problem. They should remove the track from their website or upload an improved version of the track."

Edgard Bueno says

"Simply no support at all !, sent many emails and got ignored by beatport for a simple help with a download error. Would definitely consider other websites that are cheaper and with a better support on my next purchase."

Herbert the Pervert says

"I deeply regret every cent i gave to this company. Such a poor performance. a lot has allready been mentioned.. Lack of a "download all" button (what the hack?). The filenames you get on wav's with the number digits..gosh..obviously they are not able to read out the tagging right.. The Lack of a Download manager for windows, wich would probably fix some issues..while its even announced on the website, but just doesnt exist.. You cant download an entire album, even though bought as bundle, lets say in a folder with a Album art? Why? This is so poor.. Btw Cover art files...anyone? no.. Random Download Rates.. seriously i am down to 15 kb/sec now..than the download sometimes aborts on the last 100kb.. 30 days of downloading your files..again so poor..just look at bandcamp..they just store it with your account..its not a technical problem..its just f**kin greed like with all the problems did i read rumors about some investment group took over beatport at some point? would fit.. and still damn ..why are many labels/artists giving theire music just there? its a shame..use bandcamp please..or some of the other platforms around. with fair customer politics..its a pain in the a** with beatport"

Ebenezer Kalarama says

"Beatport has the worst, most exasperating download procedure I've ever seen. Multiple complaints to them are answered, but never addressed. Nothing is done to fix it. 1. They removed 'download all'. It was such a simple, obviously useful option, it obviously saved hours of customer's work. *POOF*, *gone*..... 2. Every file starts with a meaningless eight-digit number, making it impossible to organize anything alphabetically after downloading. You must remove the number for each and every track as you download each one. 3. They can't/won't signify 'already downloaded', so if you spend an hour downloading over a slower dsl connection, when you come back to the site later, there's no way to know where you left off. More hours of wasted time & work. 4. Can't/won't include the artist's name in any track's download. Hope you like being forced to fire up Shazam or Soundhound to find the artist's name later! 5. Albums/contents are not identified. All tracks are just downloaded separately. Why is beatport kicking their customers away?"

Christopher Rack says

"Bought tracks, only to find they are not the full versions. They are ripped from a pre mixed album and someone simply cut them into track sections and tried (successfully) to sell them as full versions. They have no beginning and abruptly end, plus pitch is everywhere so they cant even be beat gridded. Complete and total ripoff. What am I supposed to do with these? I thought Beatport was a site for DJs to buy music? (Yes, reactivate trance albums, i'm talking about you. ripoff merchants). It was bad enough with all the dodgy vinyl rips being sold on Beatport but this... this is a league of its own."

Sebastiaan Matla says

"I made my first and likely last purchase from beatport today. i'm writing this review because I have time to spare as I am waiting for my downloads. Correct I'm waiting for beatport to fullfill my order of 22 tracks which for unknown reasons all need to be downloaded separately. Even-though I bought several whole releases, the songs come separately and with an odd 7 digit number before the filename. No artwork files appear to be included with the EP's and albums I bought. This means that when I'm done downloading these tracks I will need to rename each file, create folders and sort the tracks in the correct folder. After that I will need to search the internet to find the coverart file(s) for the albums and EP's. All of this will likely take the rest of my afternoon. I love sites like Bandcamp and Juno-download that simply zip the order up in a file that comes organised in folders and can be downloaded with one single click .Why on earth would you make a music download service so cumbersome and complicated ?"

Alexandru Munteanu says

"be careful as the default subscription is the most expensive one when you choose upgrading to pro(lost 25 bucs,didn t even use it,my bad i guess).I recently made a purchase and i got what i was supposed to,but would have preferred to have the option of .flac files as well instead of just .aiff and .wav and of course,the .75 $ per track cheaper mp3 which i don t like to use."

anne says

"all the music sounds the same "

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